Some woodworking links to sites that are interesting, and sometimes relevant . . .


The most — in every sense: Karl Holtey

Unique, custom-made infill planes: Wayne Anderson

Amazing artistry in planemaking: Brian Buckner

Need a NEW moulding plane, or a set of hollows and rounds? Check out: Old Street Tool, Inc.

The Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Inc.: Makers of Heirloom Quality Tools: Lie-Nielsen

Custom-made infill planes: Sauer & Steiner

An 'Exclusive Purveyor of Quality Japanese Tools': Hiraida America

Modern-style wooden planes: Knight Toolworks

- and for replacement irons (blades): Hock Tools

For links to a wealth of European sites related to woodwoodworking: Site-en-bois

Period French millwork: Boiseries et decorations

Shop online for an exciting range of pine furniture for your home at low internet prices:

A great school !! Marc Adams School of Woodworking:

Absolutely stunning decorative veneering, inlay, and marquetry:

Fantastically flattering designer clothing for the well-dressed female woodworker (or woodworker's lady): Basia Designs

And if you need anything in German:

and don't forget :