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Witness the birth of the 'Sound-Out' music events that led to the 1969 'Woodstock Music and Art Fair' — ever since known simply as 'Woodstock'.

Along the way meet numerous European music notables including Chris Barber, William Russo, Kurt Edelhagen, and Tete Monteliu.

Take an insidere's look at some of the characters of 1960's Woodstock: the mysterious Captain Milo, the philosophical anarchist who celebrates May Day with goats and a giant mini-pig, and the eccentric English archbishop who marries hippies in his mountain-top church overelooking Woodstock.

Lastly, meet a whole geneeration of Woodstock roack-and-roll musicians, from the Band and Bob Dylan, to Jimi Hendrix, the Muldaurs, Billy Faier, Van Morrison, the Children of God, Janis Joplin and many more.

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